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Guayusa – Anise Myrtle


Uplifting and revitalising, our pure Guayusa is now enriched with the subtly sweet liquorice flavour of Anise Myrtle.

$1 from every sale of Ayusa Tea is donated to the Ecuadorian Foundation Conciencia Amazonica!



The smooth, full-bodied taste of pure Guayusa, now with a subtly sweet liquorice flavour from Australian Anise Myrtle. Together, these tea leaves create a revitalising, energising and health-giving drink to nourish your body each morning.

Guayusa tea has been revered by the Kichwa tribes in Ecuador for its ability to increase energy, calm the mind, boost immunity, and aid digestion. This is combined with Anise Myrtle, used by Indigenous Australians as a medicinal tonic to soothe the stomach and assist immunity, thanks to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. At Ayusa, we’re honoured to pass on the traditions of these two ancient cultures.


  • Sustainably Grown – We collaborate with Indigenous farmers who believe in protecting and maintaining local biodiversity. Our Guayusa leaves are sustainably harvested within the Amazon rainforest, based on agroforestry principles. Our Anise Myrtle is locally sourced from the Northern Rivers in New South Wales.
  • Supports Indigenous Tribes – With every cup of Guayusa and Anise Myrtle you drink, you will be supporting two ancient cultures: Indigenous Australians and Kichwa Tribes from Ecuador. Plus, $1 from every sale goes toward the Ecuadorian Foundation, Conciencia Amazonica.
  • 100% Organic – We only source ingredients that are grown without the use of fertilisers, pesticides and chemicals to maintain the rich soil in which they grow
  • Slow-Release Caffeine – Guayusa is often preferred to coffee, as it offers a longer-lasting energy boost without the jitters and crash. Guayusa contains minimal tannins, so it doesn’t have the bitterness of coffee and green tea.


Organic Guayusa Leaf (Ilex guayusa)
Organic Anise Myrtle (Syzygium anisatum)

Available In
100gm Loose Leaf
20 x Pyramid Tea Bags – Biodegradable & Unbleached

Brewing Guide
Loose-leaf tea: add 1 teaspoon per teapot, brew for 7 minutes and enjoy.
Tea bags: add 1 bag per cup, brew for 2 – 3 minutes and enjoy.

Guayusa contains approximately 100mg natural caffeine in each cup.

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Loose Leaf 100gm, Pyramid Tea Bags 20pk

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