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We’re on a mission to share the wonders of Guayusa with the world. 

With every cup of Ayusa Tea you drink, you’re not only investing in greater energy, wellness and vitality. You’re empowering small rural farmers in Ecuador, and supporting the preservation and conservation of the largest and most biodiverse tropical rainforest in the world.


Hi, I’m Natasha, founder of Ayusa Tea.

In 2017, my family and I found ourselves struggling to keep up with the pressures of our fast-paced world. Rushing. Racing. Busy being busy. We desperately wanted to reconnect and slow down – which was what led us to pack up our things and relocate to rural Ecuador.

Friends and family thought we were out of our minds. Taking our children then 3 and 6, to a place so remote – forfeiting our western comforts to embrace the unknown. But little did they know that this journey would lead us to discover the wonders of Guayusa tea.

Each morning, our family gathered and sipped this ancient ceremonial tea. We felt more centred and alive than ever before – and the local Kichwa tribes taught us about its extraordinary benefits. The antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids in Guayusa can sharpen your focus, aid digestion, enhance immunity, lift your mood and give a long-lasting energy boost.

And so, it soon became our mission to share Guayusa tea with Australia and the world. I invite you to slow down, reset and reconnect as you enjoy a nourishing cup of Ayusa Tea.


What You’re Supporting

We’re proud to be the first major suppliers of Guayusa tea in Australia. Ayusa Tea was founded in Byron Bay, and is now gaining momentum around the country as a healthy and ethical alternative to coffee. Here’s why.

  • Conciencia Amazonica: $1 from every tea canister bought goes towards the conservation and education program in Ecuador, Conciencia Amazonica
  • Fair Trade: Guayusa is produced by independent Kichwa families. We’ve collaborated with local suppliers who pay these farmers 15% above fair trade standards.
  • Organic: Guayusa is grown in the rich, fertile soil of the Amazon Rainforest. Without the use of chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides.
  • Sustainability: The Holly tree contributes to the rich biodiversity within the Ecuadorian Amazon. It also works to replenish the soil after deforestation.
  • Agroforestry: The Kichwa farmers grow Guayusa amongst trees and other native vegetation. This method is not a mono-crop system that harms the rainforest, but rather, it grows harmoniously with other species and helps the Amazon thrive.
Conciencia Amazonica

With Every Purchase Of Ayusa Tea, $1 Is Donated To “Conciencia Amazonia

Ayusa Tea is a founding donor of the conservation & education foundation Conciencia Amazonica in Ecuador. This foundation educates students and businesses on the benefits of eco-sustainable farming, and the importance of preserving the rich Amazon Rainforest. Due to recent global events, the foundation is dedicated to providing frontline aid and bare necessities – such as food packs and medical supplies.

Ecuador Foundation

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