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Guayusa: A Natural Remedy For Cold And Flu Season

There’s a reason why a loved one would always pour you a cup of tea when you felt sick.

A warm tea works wonders to soothe sore throats, comfort aching minds and settle upset tummies. And Guayusa (why-you-sa) tea, in particular, boasts an impressive array of vitamins, minerals and antibacterial properties that can kick colds quickly.

Here are a few reasons why Guayusa will be your next go-to natural remedy for the cold and flu season.

Historical Use Of Medicinal Guayusa

The medicinal use of Guayusa spans back to at least 500 C.E, with Archaeological and historical findings suggesting that the leaves were used and traded as a medicinal plant in the greater Andes-Amazon region.

Today, the AmazonianKichwa people grow Guayusa for its medicinal properties, and it’s an integral part of their culture and traditions. The Guayusa leaves are used as an energy booster, stomach tonic, diuretic and flu remedy. Often mixed with a combination of ginger, lime juice and/or sugar cane liquor, the calming solution is thought to soothe sore throats and calm body aches and pain.

Guayusa: A Natural Remedy For Cold And Flu Symptoms

Let’s delve a little deeper into what makes Guayusa so good for cold and flu season.

1.It’s rich in antioxidants

One of Guayusa’s key benefits is that it’s rich in antioxidants (double the antioxidants of Green tea), which are compounds that help to prevent cell damage by targeting ‘free radicals’ that threaten to harm them. By fighting off free radicals, antioxidants can prevent you from getting sick or help you to bounce back faster when illness does occur. Due to its high antioxidant content, Guayusa is believed to boost immunity against cold and flus, as well as other diseases.

2.It helps to increase fluid intake

It’s easy for the body to become dehydrated when flu-ridden, mostly due to the loss of water through sweaty fevers, as well as lack of food and water consumption. We have all been told to “keep your fluids up” when sick, and as it turns out, there’s a good reason why. Adequate fluid consumption can help to break up congestion, stave off infection, detox the body and prevent headaches.

3.It can help to energise the body

One of the most celebrated things about Guayusa is that it packs an impressive punch of caffeine, without the jitters. Its natural, slow-release energy can help to energise sluggish minds and bodies to help you to get back on your feet during cold and flu season.

So, if you feel a sniffle during this cold and flu season, pour yourself a cup of Guayusa tea. Simply add:

– One teaspoon per teapot and brew for 7 minutes, or

– One tea bag per mug, and brew for 2 -3 minutes

To help soothe aching throats, try adding a touch of ginger, lime or honey to the infusion. Then sit back, relax and enjoy – your body will thank you for it.

Natashas Tip (founder of Ayusa) –

Add one teaspoon of Guayusa leaf and one teaspoon of Echinacea leaf in a teapot

Add boiling water

Steep for 7 mins for a wonderfully revitalising winter brew


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