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Guayusa Agroforestry

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Our Commitment To Sustainability

We are in the midst of an environmental crisis. From climate change to deforestation to the rapid decline of biodiversity. We believe that the time of stripping Mother Nature of her precious resources is over – and this article will show you exactly how we’re committing to sustainability.

Did you know that our global obsession with coffee is coming at a cost to the planet? Yep – our taste for that sweet, sweet coffee hit is one of the key contributors to deforestation. As many as 37 of the 50 countries with the highest deforestation rates are also major coffee producers. Coincidence? Well, perhaps not. 

Guayusa is an energizing, caffeinated leaf from the Amazon Rainforest – and it’s quickly becoming known as a healthier alternative to coffee. But how is Guayusa different in terms of sustainability?

Well, allow us to transport you to the Ecuadorian Amazon…

How Do We Sustainably Farm Guayusa Tea?

If you’re new around here, you might be wondering what Guayusa is. Pronounced why-you-sa, this super leaf is grown where the Ecuadorian Amazon meets the Andes. It’s a source of natural energy, made into a beautiful tea when these leaves meet boiling water. Unlike other teas, Guayusa can also give you an impressive boost of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It also has more antioxidants than green tea.
But here’s the thing: Guayusa isn’t just good for your overall wellbeing – it’s good for the planet.

The Guayusa leaf is a product of the native holly tree, which contributes to the rich biodiversity of the Ecuadorian Amazon. What’s more, it’s grown by Indigenous Kichwa farmers within traditional agroforestry systems.

As the word suggests, agroforestry is the integration of forest and agriculture – meaning other native trees and shrubs continue to thrive where Guayusa is harvested. The Kichwa farmers observe nature’s patterns and harvest Guayusa in a way that benefits the rainforest.

Isn’t that incredible?

On the other hand, coffee plantations are often mono-crop systems, which is the practice of growing the same crop, year after year, on the same land. This can then deplete the soil structure and grow a dependency on fertilisers and chemicals.  That can create a big problem for our planet (and humans who ingest these toxins!).

Yep – yet another reason to move away from the jitter juice coffee.

Guayusa is also grown without the use of fertilisers, chemicals and pesticides. The holly tree grows beneath the shade of tall trees, without the need for clearing. What’s more, the holly tree can help to replenish areas of the Amazon Rainforest that have suffered from deforestation.

At Ayusa Tea, we’ve collaborated with suppliers who pay the Kichwa farmers 15% above fair trade wage. You see, we believe that sustainability involves more than looking after the planet – it’s for looking after people, too. 

That’s why $1 (or more if you wish to donate) goes back to our Foundation Consciencia Amazonica, which helps the local farmers and their families. It’s about people, planet and purpose – and doing good for everyone involved in our tea’s production. At Ayusa, we’re a small family run business. We know the importance of family, and that’s why we care not just about the farmers, but their families too.

So, How Do We Package Ayusa Tea?

Let’s consider the stats: On average, Australians use 130kg of plastic per person, per year. And the majority of this plastic winds up in landfill – and eventually – our oceans. 

And we all know the infamous culprits: straws, coffee cups, plastic bags… But what about tea bags?

You see, not all tea bags are made equal. And many of the fancy pyramid tea bags we see on the market today are in fact, made of plastic. What’s worse, these tea bags can release billions of tiny microplastic particles into your cup! And those microplastic particles that don’t end up inside of you? Can eventually make their way into the ocean.

Here at Ayusa, that’s not our cup of tea.

Our cylinders are made from sustainably sourced, recyclable materials, and our refill pouches are biodegradable and compostable. The pyramid tea bags we use are biodegradable and bleach-free – and you won’t find any of those pesky staples. So once you’re finished with your cup of Guayusa, your compost will happily swallow up that tea bag. It’s a win-win. 

Our Commitment To “Consciencia Amazonia”

After witnessing the beauty of the Amazon Rainforest with our own eyes – we wanted to do something more to contribute to this incredible ecosystem. At Ayusa Tea, we’re founding donors of “Consciencia Amazonica.” This foundation educates students and businesses on the benefits of eco-sustainable farming and the importance of preserving the rich Amazon Rainforest. 

We believe that education and empowerment is an essential part of tackling the global climate crisis. And with every canister of Ayusa Tea you purchase, you’ll be contributing to this wonderful foundation that provides education programs, sports equipment, and a healthy and happy future for local families. 

So as you can see, we’re big believers in sustainability. We’re so proud to share with you this health-giving tea that also contributes to a healthier planet for future generations.

And while our tea alone won’t change the world – we believe that every small change can add up to a big difference.

Do you want to drink a tea with purpose, that’s good for the planet, it’s community farmers and you? Shop our Ayusa Tea range today!


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