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Guayusa Leaves

A Guide To The Amazonian Superleaf

If you’re an avid tea-drinker, you’ll agree that few things compare to the comfort of a fresh cuppa. But there’s a new brew in town – it’s made from the health-giving Guayusa Leaves in the Ecuadorian Amazon. And the best part, this superleaf gives you a long-lasting energy boost.

Even though Guayusa Tea is relatively new in Australia, it’s actually an ancient tradition for Indigenous tribes in Ecuador. Where the Amazon Rainforest meets the Andes, Kichwa farmers have been cultivating the nourishing Guayusa Leaves for more than 2000 years! Here, Guayusa is an integral part of their routine, culture and livelihood.

But hold on a tea-sipping-second, what actually is Guayusa?

What Is Guayusa?

Pronounced why-you-suh, this ancient herb comes from a type of Holly Tree (Ilex Guayusa) that is native to the Ecuadorian Amazon. Rather than clearing land to produce Guayusa, the Holly Tree is grown using agroforestry practices. That means that it grows harmoniously alongside other native vegetation, and contributes to the rich biodiversity of the region.

So tea lovers, put the kettle on, because we’re about to explore Guayusa’s benefits, uses and side effects.

Benefits of Guayusa

A Boost Of Clean, Natural Energy

Guayusa hosts an array of health benefits, although it’s most renowned for its long-lasting energy boost. It gives you a clean, natural caffeine hit – making it the perfect replacement for your morning cup of coffee.

Unlike coffee that gives you the jitters and dreaded caffeine crash, the slow-release energy from Guayusa can last 4 – 6 hours. Not only does Guayusa contain a hit of caffeine, it also contains the amino acid L-theanine, which is believed to contribute to overall concentration and create a slower release of energy.

There’s also another stimulant in Guayusa, Theobromine, which has similar effects to caffeine only it’s milder and longer lasting. This chemical compound is also believed to boost mood and concentration. Pour us another cup!

May Stabilise Blood Sugar

Research also suggests that the properties in Guayusa Tea may help to stabilise blood sugar. One study fed Guayusa supplements to non-diabetic mice, and the results found that they had significantly decreased blood sugar levels and reduced body weight.

While this study is a giant leap in the right direction, more research needs to be done to draw any definitive conclusions about Guayusa and blood sugar levels humans.

Watch this space, friends.

A Boost Of Immunity

It’s becoming clear that Guayusa is not your average cup of tea. Guayusa also hosts an abundance of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals – which can help to boost immunity and overall wellbeing.

Astonishingly, Guayusa Tea has more antioxidants than a cup of green tea. Antioxidants work

by neutralising free radicals in the body, which can play a role in the onset of disease.

In other words, Guayusa Tea can act as a sidekick for your immune system – helping it do what it’s supposed to. We think that’s everyone’s cup of tea.

Side Effects Of Guayusa

Here at Ayusa Tea, we’re all about giving you the full story. But the truth is, Guayusa Leaves are incredibly safe to drink. When consumed, you won’t experience the afternoon slump like you do with coffee. But like anything caffeinated, we recommend you drink it in moderation.

How To Brew Guayusa Leaves

For ancient Kichwa tribes, Guayusa is more than a boost of energy. There is a strong belief that Guayusa is what connects them to nature and each other. They gather each morning at sunrise to sip, share, connect and nourish with Guayusa.

At Ayusa Tea, we’re proud to be one of the first major suppliers of Guayusa Tea in Australia, and we can’t wait to share this nourishing ritual with you all. For loose-leaf tea, we recommend adding one teaspoon per teapot and leaving to brew for 7 minutes. For tea bags, we recommend using one bag per mug, and leaving to brew for 2 – 3.

Then sit back, relax and unleash your potential with this Amazonian superleaf.

Ready to try bring Guayusa into your morning routine? Try our Pure Guayusa Tea blend today. Or if you’re looking to spice things up, try our Guayusa and Cinnamon Myrtle blend.



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