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Conciencia Amazónica

Education and Conservation In The Amazon Rainforest

Those who have travelled to the Ecuadorian Amazon will understand how truly captivating it is. A rich and complex ecosystem that’s inhabited by infectious local people. A rare gem on our planet.

It was the Guayusa leaf that led my family to the Ecuadorian Amazon – and there’s a wide held belief that those who drink Guayusa will always return. In our case, we didn’t just return to the Ecuadorian Amazon. We became founding donors of Conciencia Amazónica – a foundation that’s dedicated to education and conservation in the Amazon Rainforest.

Conciencia Amazónica is about people, planet and purpose. They educate local students and businesses on resilient farming practices and the latest scientific research – helping them work toward a sustainable future. Not only that, the foundation supports social and artistic development by empowering communities and strengthening ancestral knowledge.

Through Conciencia Amazónica, we’re sharing the importance of preserving this rich, biodiverse corner of the Amazon Rainforest.

What Projects Are Conciencia Amazónica Currently Working On?

Conciencia Amazónica supports the Ecuadorian Amazon in more ways than one. They believe in providing social, cultural and environmental benefits. Here are some of the main projects the foundation is working on…

Urban Gardens

This project began during COVID-19 restrictions as a way to empower and motivate the local people. The Urban Gardens project is aimed at helping families create organic gardens in their houses or terraces – teaching them valuable lessons about soil, planting and harvesting. This project hopes to contribute to greater independence and decrease food shortages.

Empowering Youth

Educating youth is a vital step toward a sustainable future. The ‘La Tribu’ project focuses on empowering youth through education, art and movement. The foundation teaches the importance of conservation, which can create future job opportunities in ecotourism.


Conciencia Amazónica believes that art and culture are essential in the community. The foundation promotes song, dance, theatre, painting and other expressive activities. They also aim to strengthen ancestral knowledge. This project hopes to achieve a positive social change – including improved confidence, health, wellbeing and employment opportunities.

COVID-19 Education

Shortly after the foundation started, the pandemic struck. This turned the focus to educating the local people about the pandemic through radio programs and the media. The project has now been developed to provide support for local hospitals, staff and first responders.

Support For Rural Families

COVID-19 presented immense hardships for the people of Ecuador. When the lockdown struck, Conciencia Amazónica turned their efforts toward supporting rural families. They delivered sanitary supplies, food, vegetable seeds and other basic goods. They began educating the people on agricultural practices, so they can begin to work toward food independence.

To learn more about the projects at Conciencia Amazónica, visit their website.

Tea That Gives Back to the Amazon

At Ayusa Tea, we believe that education and empowerment are essential for social, cultural and environmental sustainability. We’re proud to be founding donors of Conciencia Amazónica – which is why we’re on a mission to share their work with Australia.

With every canister of Ayusa Tea you buy, you’ll contribute $1 Conciencia Amazónica. This money goes directly to the foundation – which is then filtered down to the rural families in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Our tea alone won’t protect the Amazon Rainforest – but it’s a big step in the right direction. With your help, we can support, educate and empower rural communities through tea.

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