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The Ayusa Tea Story

Our Journey To Discover This Amazonian Tea

We were once avid coffee enthusiasts. But that all changed when we took a life-changing trip to Ecuador. Here, we learnt about the extraordinary Amazonian Tea – Guayusa. We soon discovered this superleaf is not your ordinary cup of tea – it’s a daily ritual and way of life for rural Kichwa communities. So pour yourself a cuppa, because we’re about to share the Ayusa Tea story.

I’m Natasha, and I’m one half of the family team behind Ayusa Tea.

In 2017 my family and I were caught in a frantic lifestyle. We were struggling to keep our balance in a world that rewards fast living, overwork and fatigue. We craved connection and community – two things we had lost touch with in recent years.

Finally, we mustered up the courage to pack up our belongings from our family home in Byron Bay and board a plane to the unknown. Our kids, then 3 and 6, had little comprehension of the adventure that awaited. What we knew for sure is that we were on a journey to re-connect.

When we arrived in Ecuador, it was more than we had ever envisaged.

Discovering Guayusa Tea

We first discovered Guayusa Tea when looking for a natural remedy for our stomach upsets. But we soon found out, Guayusa was so much more than that. We began to feel centred and energised, which prompted me to find out more about the origins of this Amazonian Tea…

For indigenous Kichwa Tribes, Guayusa Tea has been a part of their culture for over 2000 years. They would gather around the fire at 3am to share Guayusa and prepare for the day ahead. Hard to believe that we used to think 6am was early!

Guayusa is celebrated for sharpening the mind’s focus, providing heightened awareness and giving a sustained energy release. It’s rich in antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals – which can all work to boost overall wellbeing.

Before long, Guayusa Tea left its mark on our family. It then became our mission to share this health-giving drink with Australia…

Collaborating With Ethical Suppliers

The Indigenous Kichwa people often warn: Once you taste Guayusa, you will become so enchanted by it that you will return to the Amazon. For my husband and I, they were right. Only on our next trip to Ecuador, we were going to meet with our Guayusa Tea suppliers.

We’re proud to partner with ethical suppliers who share our values of sustainability and integrity. The Guayusa we source is certified organic, and grown as an agroforestry crop (meaning it grows in harmony with native vegetation). Furthermore, the rural Kichwa farmers are paid 15% above fair trade wage – which can make a world of difference to this rural community.

At the beginning of 2020 we journeyed to the region around Tena (east of Quito) where Guayusa is grown. Here we took part in an early morning tea ceremony, spoke with the rural farmers, local schools and the wider community. It became clear that we wanted to give back to the community – to say thank you for sharing the wonders of Guayusa with us.

Our Commitment To Consciencia Amazonia

After witnessing the lush beauty of the Ecuadorian Amazon and connecting with the local people, we began to discuss ways that we could give back. This led to our commitment to Consciencia Amazonica – a foundation that educates students and businesses on the importance of preserving the rich biodiversity of the region.

This foundation empowers the local community to care about the world in which we inhabit. It shares the benefits of eco-sustainable farming for future generations.

 Bringing The Wonders Of Amazonian Tea To Australia

It has been a wild ride since we first set foot in Ecuador in 2017. And finally, we’re ready to share our nourishing range of Ayusa Tea with you. As we all face our own private battles in day-to-day life – Ayusa offers a chance to stop, slow down and reenergise.

You see, the Ayusa Tea story is not just about a cup of tea. We’re here to support rural communities, promote human connection, and to preserve a corner of the largest, most diverse rainforest in the world. And of course – we’re here to bring natural energy to your day.

Do you want to be apart of the change? Shop our Ayusa Tea range today!


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